A shocking video went viral on social media. The images show an angry elephant trying to destroy a bus. The wild animal stuck its fangs against the bus’ windshield, smashing it to pieces. The driver and his successful maneuvers, in the face of the violence of the pachyderm, were described as a true feat in local media.

“Huge respect for the driver of this public bus in Nilgiris who kept his cool even under the terrifying blows on the bus by a nervous elephant,” the Government’s Chief Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Forests wrote from her Twitter account. from Tamil Nadu, SupriyaSahu. She herself was in charge of spreading the recording from social media.

“That’s why they say that keeping a cool head works wonders,” added the official after explaining that the driver also collaborated to help those who were traveling on the bus. The man, without losing his composure, quickly began to move them all towards the back of the car while the furious animal attacked the front end in anger. In addition, he was in charge of evacuating the frightened passengers when he estimated that they were no longer in danger.

It all started when several passengers had to make an unexpected stop. The trip was to the Indian district of Nilgiris, in the state of Tamil. It was when a huge elephant forced them to stop the march and began to tear apart the bus. Several employees of the Government of Kotagiria Mettupalaya, a town near where they were going, were also traveling there.

Fortunately, there are no victims. As seen in the video posted on social media, no one was injured. Only the vehicle suffered severe damage after the violence with which it was struck by the animal. After breaking the windshield, he fled through the same forest through which he entered the route.

This type of situation is very common in India. In the country alone between 2014 and 2019, a little more than 2,300 people died after being killed by elephants. According to the Union Ministry of the Environment, more than 500 people and approximately 100 pachyderms, approximately, die each year as a result of the confrontations between the two species.