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Do you dream of seeing the Northern Lights? The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are a unique splendid show that can be seen in Iceland, Norway, Finland, and other countries. What beautiful way nature has to amaze us. It is a spectacular display of lights that occurs because the particles in the air are electrically charged making the air shine. Oxygen causes the green color, while nitrogen is responsible for the blue or red color.

The best time to see the multicolor lights is from September to March when nights are clearer. And there’s an Icelandic hotel that will actually call its customers to them when the Northern Lights are out so they won’t miss it.


Seeing The Northern Lights

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Iceland is famous for the Northern Lights that populate its skies at certain times of the year. Although some know by heart what is the time when this phenomenon proliferates, it is not always possible to be present at the right time and place.

Many people fail to predict when the dazzling lights will appear. Even though it is known that the best time to enjoy the Northern Lights is between September and March, some people fail to see them. And of course, what a disappointment that is, right?

Well, fear no more. Several Icelandic hotels have no problem calling customers who do not want to miss this show. To mention a few, Hotel Rangá, Hotel Husáfell, and Hotel Budir, are some of the hotels that offer this amazing service.

In fact, the hotels make it easier for the customers to choose this service. There’s a button on the hotel room’s phones. Like most hotels, phones have buttons for reception and room service. But in these cases, it also has a key that tells the hotel staff to wake you up when the Northern Lights appear in the Icelandic sky.