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The U.S is full of beautiful natural landscapes, such as Yellowstone in Wyoming, the Great Canyon in Colorado, and the Sequoia and Kings Canyon in California, but all countries in the world have less-known parks and natural reserves that are just as awesome as these. If you are a fan of nature, there are several places that you should know before planning your next holiday, so here we are going to tell you about 10 of the most incredible natural parks in the world that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.


10. Banff National Park – Canada

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Banff is the oldest park in Canada. It is located in the Rocky Mountains peaks and is the home of thousands of glaciers that are near Moraine, Minnewanka, and Louis lakes. These lakes are so clean and natural that they act as a mirror for the mountains, which are reflected in the bright turquoise waters. Among the activities, you can enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, and even camping on this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


9. Serengeti National Park – Tanzania

Serengeti National Park Africa
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Serengeti is so big that its name means “the place where the land runs on forever” in the Maasai dialect. It is full of the most amazing fauna of Africa, including lions, elephants, zebras, rhinos, buffalos, and more, along with beautiful forests and volcanos. This is the most famous and oldest park on the continent and has over 350 thousand visitors per year.


8. Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National – Spain

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Spain is full of thousands of beautiful parks, but Ordesa y Monte Perdido is certainly very special. It is formed by four different villages, Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuaín, and Pineta that are through the Monte Perdido. It is full of pines and clear waters and has been a national park since 1918. This one is a very dry park, where you mainly see rocks and huge canyons that seem from a fairytale.


7. Jostedalsbreen National Park – Norway

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One of the biggest glaciers in Europe is in Norway. The Jostedalsbreen National Park is mainly known for being the home of more than 300 different species of plants, along with being the biggest reindeer reserve in the country, that lives in the Stryn mountains along with wolves, wild cats, and bears. The glaciers cover about 310 of the 510 square miles of the park and are the perfect place to connect with nature.


6. Iguazú National Park – Brazil & Argentina

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The Iguazú Waterfalls are located in Brazil and are one of the most beautiful sights in South America. They are in the middle of the Paranaense Jungle that is nearby the Iguazú river and is famous due to the amount of biodiversity that hides throughout the trees of the forest. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and one of the main tourist destinations in the country.


5. Amboseli National Park – Kenya

Home of thousands of giraffes and lions that you can visit in a safari in the Amboseli National Park. This enormous ecosystem is 3,100 square miles and stands through the Kenya-Tanzania border. It is one of the most protected reserves on the continent, due to the amount of important and endangered species it holds. Still, this isn’t the only place to visit in the area, you can also see Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.


4. Oulanka National Park – Finland

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This one is for water lovers. The Oulanka National Park is full of amazing waterfalls that can be seen while walking through floating bridges. It is very popular among Finland hikers, who use the cabins in the area to keep themselves warm. It has been known since the XVII century but has been open to tourists since 1930. It borders another beautiful park in Russia called the Paanajärvi National Park, which holds several kinds of trees, lakes, and rivers.


3. Lauterbrunnen Park – Switzerland

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This is an incredible valley located in the Swiss Alps. The Lauterbrunnen Park can be found among huge rocks and mountains and is known for having 72 beautiful waterfalls nearby. Even though it seems like a warm place in the pictures, thanks to the beautiful sunlight, you can also see a few glaciers. This Alpine meadow looks straight out of a movie and has a small population that gets to enjoy this view every day.


2. Jim Corbett National Park – India

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If you are a fan of tigers, the Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect place for you. This is the first park to be part of the Project Tiger, which has tried to preserve the different kinds of this beautiful animal. It is also one of the reserves of Corbett tigers, which walk throughout the 201,1 square miles of the park among the visitors. Still, you can also find several reptiles and trees that live in this amazing ecosystem.


1. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – China

This one is so surreal that it inspired the mountains in the movie Avatar. Zhangjiajie was the first world heritage place in China thanks to the humongous peaks that can be more than 660 feet tall. You can even visit the top of these mountains through the Bailong Elevator that was built in the middle of the mountains.

Many adventurous people dream of visiting most of these places since there is nothing like watching this amount of nature around us. Pictures aren’t enough to capture the awesomeness of these places, so they are worth visiting.