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Sometimes we underestimate how far kindness and a simple smile can take us. Recently, Cierra Mistt has gone viral because she has posted videos revealing some secrets, tricks, and myths about flights and airlines.

She is a stewardess so she is a fairly credible source with privileged information and much more experience than the rest of us in this matter, so it is not surprising that shortly after she started sharing these types of tips her account was filled with views, comments and many new followers interested in this valuable information. Cierra Mistt has already reached 2.8 million followers on TikTok.

In her account, she has shared details about why the cabin crew looks up and down the person who boards the plane, why the tables have to be folded during takeoff and landing, or about the location of crew members who work as police officers or nurses and can provide professional help in case of an emergency.


Stewardess Explains How To Get To First Class For Free

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One of the most popular tips from her was the one referring to the easiest way to upgrade your category ticket, or how to have access to premium areas of the airports or change a trip from economy class to first class. The answer surprised everyone because it is so simple that no one imagined it.

“One of the easiest ways to get free upgrades is to literally be nice to the gate agent and the flight attendant,” Mistt said.

This stewardess indicated that airport and airline workers always carry out their work under a lot of pressure, so a little kindness from the client is always well received. A person who treats them with affection or brings them a cup of coffee or chocolate will probably have a better chance of accessing much more expensive benefits for free.