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One of the many mysteries of the world is the Bermuda Triangle. For decades we have been listening to and reading stories about how entire ships or planes full of people disappear whenever they go through this area, but there is still the doubt if it is a myth or a reality.

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami. It is not as little as you may think of in the first place, it actually has a surface of about 1.8 thousand million ft2 in total.

It became known in the 50s when a group of US Navy planes and ships mysteriously disappeared in this region while they were on a mission and left no trace behind. After that incident, the pattern has been repeated thousands of times without any apparent explanation.

This place used to be more frequent while traveling from America to Europe since the water current and the wind here is really strong and creates some sort of shortcut so the journeys are faster but after the disappearances started, it is mostly avoided.


Conspiracy Theories About The Bermuda Triangle

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There are a lot of theories about what it is about the Bermuda Triangle that makes a lot of things vanish from Earth, just like they were sucked into the water or like they were sent to another dimension.

While many people believe that this area could be a black hole that is in these waters or above the sky, this theory is unlikely and refuted by scientists, because if this was the case, everything that went through the triangle wouldn’t exist anymore, but not everything has gone missing.

Other theories are crazier like there is a giant Kraken hidden underwater and that when something that caught its attention passes through, it comes to the surface and devours it, but this was a legend of course.

Still, the most popular theory talks about aliens. Others believe that this could be an observation area that UFOs occasionally lurk in order to get humans and their technology to keep them under experimentation and watching them.

Lastly, the most likely and possible explanation could be the same advantage that the triangle has. The strong waters could be responsible for uncountable accidents along with flaws in the ships and planes that aren’t prepared enough to go through this disturbed area, which also can be often visited by hurricanes and storms.

Now, why aren’t there any remnants or traces of the vehicles that once crossed the Bermuda Triangle? Why when the ships and aircraft enter the region they are lost by the control tower like they never existed?

These previous questions would have the same explanation, the strong water would sink any parts, and the electricity and magnetism would interfere with the radars that keep them in contact with the control center.

Maybe we will never know what happens in the Bermuda Triangle, maybe all of the supernatural theories are true, but there is no doubt that this strange area of the planet is full of mysterious disappearances that haven’t been resolved.