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Although science has been unveiling mysteries of ancient civilizations, it seems that it will not stop any time soon. Well, as time boxes our ancestors have left us hidden clues all over the world that gradually show us the way they lived and their legacy.

Ancient Egypt is one of those that have made the most contributions to archeology and history and recently a new finding surprised scientists.

A number of archaeological treasures, such as Greek ceramics and 2,400-year-old wicker baskets filled with fruit, were discovered in the remains of the ancient sunken city of Thonis-Heracleion, off the Egyptian coast.


Archaeologists Find Sunken City In Egypt

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Thonis-Heracleion was the largest Mediterranean port in Egypt before Alexander the Great founded Alexandria in 331 BCE.

A team from the European Institute of Underwater Archeology, led by French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio, has been studying the area for years.

The 2021 mission, carried out in conjunction with Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, revealed extremely interesting results at the Thonis-Heracleion site in Aboukir Bay. Along the northeast entrance channel of the submerged city, the team found the remains of a large burial mound, a Greek burial site.

“It was covered in sumptuous burial offerings dating back to the early 4th century BCE. The burial mound is about 200 feet long and 26 wide, and looks like some kind of island surrounded by canals,” the European Institute of Underwater Archeology said in a statement.

This find seems to have been completely sealed since its creation at least 2400 years ago as no objects nor any evidence of change were found at the site.

Different tectonic movements caused a large subterranean plate of the Nile delta to give way and subsequently sink under the sea, taking entire cities with it.

“Galley finds from this period remain extremely rare. The only example to date is the Punic ship Marsala (235 BC). Before this discovery, Hellenistic ships of this type were completely unknown to archaeologists.” said Goddio.

Scientists will continue to study the area and they are sure that in the coming days they will find more enigmatic objects from ancient Egypt.