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Grandmothers are a very important part of childhood. Their love, complicity, and guidance accompany us for many years and help us to become better people. They are so important that there are those who consider them second mothers.

Many times grandmothers assume immense responsibilities in parenting despite being in their golden years and become fundamental support for parents.

But Josefa, a 61-year-old Brazilian woman, decided that her path would be different. She would not be a traditional grandmother and she would take advantage of the last stage of her life to finally fulfill her dream of traveling around the world.


Brazilian Woman ‘Leaves’ Her Grandchildren To Travel The World

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The idea bothered her sons at first because they imagined that her mother would be there for her grandchildren.

After some discussions, Josefa told them that she had already fulfilled her mission of raising and educating them as well as she could and that although she loved them deeply she had no obligation to raise her grandchildren if she did not feel a calling to do so.

Her sons then understood her position and decided to support her.

For many years Josefa had worked in the Brazilian prison system but now she was retired, so she combined her savings and the income she got from some belongings that she sold, such as her car, her house, and furniture, and decided to start her trip and began sharing pictures on her journey on social media.

The images have gone viral and thousands of people have commented in support of this adventurous woman as she decided that it is never too late to enjoy life.

Many even affirm that Josefa is a great inspiration for many women in the world and for other grandmothers who may think that it is somehow mandatory to raise their grandchildren. She on the other believes it is a time to enjoy life and feel proud of having fulfilled her obligations to her children.