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If you have a wild heart and are looking for a destination for your next vacation, this will be perfect for you. You may have heard about the Maldives, which is a small archipelagic paradise in the Indian Ocean that is known for its beautiful beaches and incredible fauna.

However, there is an alternative place to that paradise landscape. There is a tiny island only three hours away from Sydney that has become one of the main destinations selected by the people to attend in their holiday and something that draws attention to it is the fact that you can swim in the turquoise crystal clear water along with real stingrays, just like if you were in the Maldives.

Every person that has visited this beautiful place has been amazed by its beauty and the pureness of nature. Bendalong Point has become really popular in the past few months thanks to the pictures and videos posted on Instagram and TikTok by the many tourists that show how pretty this beach is.

The beach is pretty easy to find and you can visit it in an RV to let it in the characteristic caravan park at the end of the road. It only has a population of 95 people, which contributes to maintaining this environment as perfect as possible.


You Can Swim With Sting Rays In Australia

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As we said before, one of the main attractions of the territory is to be able to be in the calm water along with enormous stingrays. This sounds completely crazy, and not all people would be willing to live this adventure.

Stingrays are the most venomous fish. When they feel attacked, they will sting their aggressor and this will cause their almost immediate death. Regardless, like all animals, they won’t do this if they feel safe.

These creatures are in their natural environment, so they feel comfortable swimming through the shoreline at Bendalong Point, so the NSW South Coast’s tourists websites had stated that it is completely safe to swim in these waters and the big stingrays will enjoy the attention and food provided from the people.

Although, this isn’t the only thing you can do on this island. There are many beaches where people spend their time surfing, diving, and fishing just like if they were on a regular paradise beach.

Bendalong Point sure sounds like heaven on Earth and no wonder how it has caught so much attention from travelers, so if you ever find yourself near it, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit it.