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Climate change is certainly not backing down and it increasingly affects the world and not only our ways of life but life itself.

A small town in Greenland had to be evacuated due to the presence of a massive iceberg that settled on the coast of the village, inhabited by 169 people. The pictures are stunning. A giant mountain of ice towers over a tiny village, with colorful homes reminiscent of little doll houses against the stark, blue-gray landscape.

The iceberg towers over the houses of the village of Innaarsuit. The local police fear the detachment of some of its parts which would cause flooding.

The authorities ordered the evacuation of the residents who were located in the farthest area to the sea to avoid being affected by the waves that the movement of the iceberg could produce.


Massive Iceberg Could Make Small Village Disappear

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“We are afraid that a large piece of ice will fall into the water and generate large waves that could cause irreparable damage to the town,” said Susanne Eliassen, one of the local leaders, in statements to the Sermitsiag newspaper.

Last June, the country had already received an alert from the University of New York which had detected a large mass of ice detached from the pole on the west coast. Some experts have warned that these huge chunks of ice will continue to appear more frequently due to climate change and that will ultimately affect coastal towns.

In 2020, a coastal town in Greenland was affected by an iceberg. The town had to be evacuated and it is no longer habitable, some of the residents of that place went to Innaarsuit, and a year later they are experiencing the same climate change consequences.

Though the process of glaciers losing ice is natural and happens every summer, the waters around Greenland have warmed in recent decades, which means that it’s happening at a faster rate.