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The Great Wall of China is one of the 7 Man-Made Wonders of the world. It is the longest monument in the world. It is such an impressive structure that gets over 10 million visits every year.

The Great Wall of China stretches for over 15 provinces. It is 13,000 miles long and it’s considered a UNESCO World Heritage. Dating back 2,300 years, the Great Wall has been conjured with many myths and legends.

But not everything that shines is gold, right? Here we’ve listed 5 myths that surround the Great Wall of China for you to know before visiting it.


5. It Was Built Only By sSoldiers

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The Great Wall was constructed during Emperor Qin Shihuang’s reign, known as the Qin Dynasty, around the early 7th century BC. Many people believed that the Wall was built solely by soldiers to protect the Empire. Nonetheless, this isn’t true. The construction was actually made by criminals in something very similar to today’s community service. Around 40,000 people lost their lives constructing it.


4. It Looks Exactly Like In The Pictures

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This statement is also a myth. If you are expecting to go visit the Great Wall and see a structure in perfect shape stretching for miles, well I’m sorry to tell you you might be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very impressive and breathtaking, the Wall has been a victim of time. In fact, there’s an estimation that some parts of it will disappear by 2040.


3. It Couldn’t Be Penetrated

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The Great Wall was built to protect the Chinese Empire from its enemies. It was a war strategy. With over 350 inches (9 meters) thick and 26 ft (8 meters) high, the wall was believed to be an impassable barrier. But, this too is a myth. Enemies could actually go through the gates, as it really happened in 1644.


2. Its Walls Are Made Out Of Dead Bodies

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Okay, we’ve all heard about this one: the Great Wall of China is filled with bodies. And even though it was built out of forced labor, the rumor that the Wall is filled with bodies is not true. Unless you want to count all the people that died during its construction, it is made out of bricks.


1. It Can Be Seen From Space

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Sit back as this will crush you. Many have believed over the years that the Great Wall is the only man-made structure that can be seen from space. But, sadly, this is just an urban myth. NASA satellites have taken pictures that have proved this to be wrong. So, I’m sorry, but no, you can’t see the Great Wall, not even from Earth orbit.