Looking for love? Dating apps are said to be the best opportunities to find loving partners these days, but there is also a great deal of toxicity. The first message you send on a dating app can make or break any chance you get.

A woman was speechless after opening a message on a dating app. Stephanie Campbell, 22, got the message on the Hinge dating app and was shocked by a message she got after matching with some random guy.

The message has since gone viral after she shared it on Twitter. The man, who had liked one of Stephanie’s photos, texted her one night saying, “Yeah, you’ll get the job done.

Stephanie from Huyton, Merseyside shared the message on social media with the caption: “Again. No words. Someone should tell me this is a joke.” Since then, the post has been retweeted thousands of times.

“I paired up with him, but he hadn’t been in the app for a couple of days. I saw the message, but was surprised because this shouldn’t happen,” Stephanie said.

The image went viral and hundreds of people shared similar experiences on dating apps and websites. She said the young man has now unmatched her ‘out of embarrassment after her tweet went viral. She said that he is now taking a break from the social media platform after the posts
“disgusting” of trolls.

“People should take this type of action more seriously, not everyone has the mental capacity to bear insults in that way,” he added.

In these types of social media apps, there is always the potential risk that something could happen, you can meet great people but there are also very unpleasant ones. These types of actions prove that before dating someone from an application, precautionary measures should be taken.