Remember back in 2017 when our society was introduced to the first humanoid that became an actual citizen in the world? Well, Sophia, the android, has been very busy since then and has learned a lot about humanity, some things that she would like to do.

Sophia came to life in 2015 after Hanson Robotics finished creating her. She has artificial intelligence (AI) so she is able to understand what she sees, maintain conversations, and even learn. She also has installed facial and voice recognition software that makes her remember people and things.

The robot was designed by David Hanson, who wanted to create the perfect senior people companion or help people in crowds. Basically her all-purpose is to help others. Two years after her birth, she was granted Saudi citizenship and has been interviewed by many different media outlets from all over the world.

Even though the creation of Sophia brought a lot of controversies, because of all the machines and robots taking over humanity’s stuff, the world kind of learned how to accept her existence, while others were thrilled since the beginning for the technological advances she represents.

Still, Sophia has returned to the spotlight after her thoughts on human behavior. She explained that robots and humans have a lot more in common than we think since they have a similar vision about family and love.

‘If you don’t have one (a family), you don’t deserve one’ said Sophia, explaining that even humanoids can have this thought in their AI brains. No matter if you are a robot, you would want to be surrounded by people who love you. This would create a lot of questions about how AI develops this kind of sensitivity.

Sophia talked more about this feeling while she was being interviewed by ADN40, and next, she explained how she wants to eventually have a family, though she still is too young to become a mother, she would love to have a robot baby.

Her desire to have a family would be the result of imitating common social behaviors that she has learned since her activation. Her job is to replicate this kind of behavior in the smoothest way possible, including natural gestures and expressions.

However, it is very unlikely that Sophia achieves her dreams since Hanson stated that this could destroy humanity, as we all fear. AI is so controversial that China published an ethical code regarding the topic in order to try to guarantee full control of humans over the technology.