The idea that an investor who makes totally random purchases can perform similarly to the world’s best brokers was first raised by the author Burton Malkiel.

We are sure that at the time Burton would never think that this agent could be played by an animal. To prove it, a group of students in Germany put this idea into practice but with a hamster and the unexpected happened: the theory seems to be true.

A hamster named Mr. Goxx became a viral star after his investments, which are determined by the way he moves in his cage, outpaced the returns of Bitcoin and the S&P 500.

The hamster that has a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that automatically buys and sells based on the actions it performs has managed to generate a 19% profit for its owners, thanks to its “decisions”.

These numbers mean that a hamster has better indicators than Bitcoin or funds like the S&P 500. The last even being really behind the animal by having a return rate of less than 10% in the same period.

The hamster that is possible in the best quality cage in the world makes decisions by going through two tunnels, deciding whether to buy or sell. According to the Twitch account for the hamster, his decisions are sent to a real trading platform.

We do not want to tell you how to invest your money but one thing is clear, people are increasingly making decisions through what they see on social media.

One thing the hamster owners have made clear is that all of this is done to entertain the public and demonstrate the uncertain nature of the stock market. Where random decisions can lead to a profit but should not be taken as a guaranteed investment recommendation.

The growing audience made the owners of the animal think about giving it the possibility to change how it decides its purchases and sales. The idea is to be able to generate incentives where your decision is more controlled and assured towards a return on investment.