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Sometimes a simple exhibition or spectacle for the public can end in disgrace. That was exactly what happened when a small plane that flew over the town of Winnie in Texas performing some stunts so that people could enjoy a while and be surprised by the intrepid movements that the pilot made with the aircraft at high speed in the air. The exhibition of this plane was part of the Rice Festival, an event that is organized every year. After some aerobatics, the exhibition was over and the pilot was on his way back to base but then something unexpected happened.

The pilot was supposed to land the plane near the exhibition site and be towed back to the airport, but he decided otherwise and that he would fly directly to the hangar where the small plane was set to park and stow, however during the journey, he began to experience some difficulties.

The authorities reported that the technical problems experienced by the aircraft were due to weather issues. During the few minutes that the flight back to the airport had to last, the pilot of the plane began to lose control of it and at some point, it even came to be plummeting. With all his strength and ability he tried to maneuver to avoid a head-on collision with the ground and that was when he hit a traffic signal.

The plane turned over and approach the ground where it finally crashed. The Chambers County Sheriff’s Office released details of what happened on his Facebook account.

Luckily, the pilot was unharmed but was taken to a local hospital as a precaution, while the plane was significantly damaged, the officers detailed, quoted by local media.