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Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has lost almost $7 billion this Monday, due to the worldwide outage of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and also due to multiple complaints against the company. This caused the mogul to drop one position on the list of the richest people in the world. Bloomberg said that the collapse of his assets was generated after a massive sale of shares in the social media giant. This caused them to drop 5% in the stock market, adding to a 15% drop since mid-September.

In all, Zuckerberg lost about $19 billion of his wealth since Sept. 13. At that time, his fortune was equivalent to about 140,000 million dollars, according to specialists.

In that sense, Zuckerberg’s fortune fell to $120.9 billion, after the relevant decline in recent weeks. The billionaire was behind Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft, who was in the fifth position of the richest in the Bloomberg index.

On Monday morning, there was a worldwide outage in the platforms of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. The problems persisted for more than 7 hours until finally and little by little the services were restored.

So far, there has been no explanation for the downfall of Facebook-owned social media. However, there are those that blame hackers, claiming that it is not just a platform failure.

On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal denounced that Facebook knows of problems with its products. In this regard, the newspaper specified that the company is aware of the damage of Instagram to the mental health of adolescents and learned of the misinformation about the riots in the United States Capitol.

In addition, former Facebook manager Frances Haugen affirmed that Facebook “prefers profits to security.” In this sense, she affirmed that the company “magnifies hatred and misinformation.”