via CNBC

It seems that in the 21st century everyone can be an investor. The appearance of new methods and even different types of money have given millions of people around the world the opportunity to enter the financial game without having too many contacts, experience and even to do so from the comfort of their homes.

Two siblings, 14-year-old Ishaan Thakur and his 9-year-old sister Aanya, had a very productive summer as they decided to venture into the cryptocurrency business.

The siblings set up a crypto mining operation in their house where they have several computers constantly working to produce value. And they started it all by learning from YouTube tutorials.

“We started because we wanted to learn something new about technology – and also make some money along the way,” said Ishaan.

After investigating which would be the best options, the siblings decided to start mining ether as they concluded that the difficulties of mining Bitcoin were much greater.

On their first day, they made just $ 3. It will seem little but it was a promising start. Now, these two young men are making more than $30,000 a month.

Now they have a much more developed and robust operation. They created a mining company called Flifer Technologies and through it, they channel all their activity. They also bought more equipment and have several people working with them.

“We moved from my desk to the garage, since the house was getting too much heat and noise. We outgrew the garage, since heat and noise was too much for the garage too. We now use the garage only for building and testing mining rigs. When they are ready, we move them to a professional, air-conditioned data center in downtown Dallas, ” Ishaan says.

Mining cryptocurrencies can be expensive, especially in terms of energy consumption, but these brothers decided to use renewable sources of energy to make their business sustainable over time and reduce costs and environmental impact in the long run.