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In today’s world, where technology is so advanced, the internet is the way we have almost everything done, and social media is the norm, many people want to make a living from social media.

In fact, it is more than a goal: it’s a dream. Especially among young people. They dream of becoming millionaires overnight by the work and grace of their followers on social networks. They want to make a living out of it.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge. And as hard as it may sound, it is not impossible. And that’s what the new “social salary” tells you. It is a calculator that identifies the number of followers influencers need to make some money.


The Social Salary Calculator

“Social salary” is a licensing platform from It calculates how many followers and views you need on social media in order to quit your day job.

To calculate the figures, used data from Influencer Marketing Hub’s YouTube money calculator, the influencer pricing report from creator agency SevenSix, and influencer brand platform SocialPubli’s blog titled “How Many Followers do you need on TikTok to receive a payment? ”

The results of the analysis, reflected by CNBC, indicate that it is not so difficult to make money on social networks if you are skilled.



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An influencer requires a minimum of 5,000 Instagram followers and 308 sponsored posts per year to generate $ 100,000. To earn money on Instagram, change your account to professional and select business. More than getting a following, the challenge here is getting brand sponsorship.


Tik Tok

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Earning $ 100,000 on the youngest’s favorite social network takes more effort than on Instagram: a minimum of 10,000 subscribers and more than 270 million visits a year. And remember that the account must also be aligned with the TikTok community guidelines and terms of service.




According to the calculator, you need a minimum of 1,000 YouTube subscribers and around 24 million annual views to generate $100,000. In addition, you must be enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which allows you to earn money through ads on your videos. To join the YPP, an influencer needs at least 1,000 subscribers, accumulated more than 4,000 hours of “valid public viewing” in the last 12 months, and have an AdSense account linked to YouTube, both of which are owned by Google.