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Are you a huge video games fan? And also a huge cat lover? Well, good news for you. There’s a new sci-fi video game upcoming featuring a cat and its adventure in a futuristic city. The video game is called Stray, for it is about the adventures of a stray cat in a kind of post-apocalyptic city without humans. So get ready for it launches soon and it is going to be purr-fect. Can’t wait to get our paws on it. Am I right?

Stray is a beautiful video game in which a cat lives in a futuristic city without humans. The main character will be a little cat living in the middle of a dystopian city where human presence does no longer exists.

Stray is a third-person game. So, imagine this. In this video game, you are a cat. You start being lost in this futuristic decaying “cybercity.” You start in the middle of alleyways lit with neon lights.

You only have with you a small backpack and your mission is to solve an ancient mystery so that you can return home. If it still exists… In this city, humans are extinct and were replaced by robots. The city is filled with humanoid robots which are the only residents of this kind of melancholy strange city.

But dangers will not be missing. The cat, that being yourself, is one of the few sentient beings in the midst of this society of droids and dangerous creatures. Along his way, he comes across all kinds of obstacles and threats. However, although the path of this little cat is quite dangerous, he is still curious, playful, and a bit silly at times. Stray will make its debut on the new PlayStation 5 in early 2022. Watch the trailer here.