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Last year, thousands of people across the world were terrified because of an app called Randonautica. What seemed to be a nice way to get through lockdown when Covid-19 hit the hardest, ended up being a sick and weird game. The hype of Randonautica started in February of 2020 when the app was launched. It was sold as an investigating game that works similar to Pokemon GO. The game will give you coordinates near your location that would take you on fun adventures.

People started to get excited about these expeditions, and they even documented them on TikTok or talked about their experience on Reddit, but after a few months, things started to get really dark, and the police of several countries had to intervene.

The app is available to download on iOS and Android, but it can also be used on their website. You can choose what are your intentions for the game, namely, love, money, surprise, people, and paranormal activity. Once you are settled, you’ll get the coordinates, and you have three options to select from that would be attractor, void, and anomaly.

While the attractor option refers to a coordinate with a lot of quantum dots, ergo, a lot of energy, the void is exactly the opposite, and the anomaly is just a random intensity of one of the previous two. When you have those things selected, you will be a randonaut ready to go into the mysterious exploration.

But there is a catch to the game, the principle of Randonautica is that your adventure will depend on your mood, vibes, and energy, as you choose your own destiny. It is based on a particular state of mind that makes you think about what you want to find and manifest it.

People were having fun randonauting until the app started to give some particular coordinates that took them to some unpleasant, awful surprises, such as human remains, or sinister places with sketchy stuff.

According to the app, the coordinates are randomly generated, and they used the quantum numbers generator from the Australian National University, but there were so many disturbing discoveries that people started to think that they weren’t as random as they stated.

The event that caught the most attention in the U.S was a group of teenagers from Seattle that were live-streaming their adventure on TikTok. They got to what the app called a secret location on a beach when they glanced at a suitcase in the water. When they started to touch the case, they found out there were human remains.

Many similar cases were reported not only in the U.S. People started to get really scared and asked others to stop randonauting and better to keep away from the app, or at least use it with caution.