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If your dream is that your pet becomes the most popular animal ever, you’ll have to prepare to beat Motimaru, who recently became the most-watched YouTube cat ever according to the Guinness World Records.

Now, who is Motimaru’s Diary? This is the channel of Motimaru’s life, a Japanese cat who has gained millions of followers since two years ago. All the videos are as cute as they are simple. The clips show the life of Motimaru on a daily basis, while he spends a lot of time with his owner, Mugumogu.

These innocent videos became really popular especially since Maru isn’t trained or monitored. His owner just leaves a camera and waits until the cat does his funny habits, which people love. This spontaneity is everyone’s favorite thing about Maru’s videos. Maru’s personality is very peaceful and playful, so he loves to spend time on the floor.

It all started back in November of 2019 when Mugumogu started to document Maru’s life, who was only a few months at the time. The first video showed how the little cat arrived at his new home and this overloaded cuteness went viral. The white and grey Scottish Fold quickly got thousands of views and followers that have remained throughout these two years.

No one exactly knows why this cat is so special, still who wouldn’t love watching videos and pictures of this lovely cat? You can see all types of images in Maru’s social media, where he plays with his toys, does a few mischievous activities, or even a picture of him with a snow cone.

Even Free Co. Ltd., a management firm is interested in Motimaru, and apparently, they have firmed with his owner to get him as a spokescat, as many popular animals have done. Maru’s videos inspire a relaxing and chilling vibe that would take anyone’s bad mood and his public goes from the youngest kids to the eldest people.

The record was verified on August 12, 2021, by the time Motimaru’s Diary had over 619.586.260 views, a number that only goes up every day, especially after a video of the cat with the record was published. In this last clip, you can see Maru unboxing the beautiful plaque seconds before his interest turns into something else.

As of today, the channel has 1.4 million subscribers along with a great fan base on Instagram and Twitter. Now Motimaru is not only the holder of several YouTube plaques but he also will be part of the next Guinness World Records Book. His fans await him in 2022 when the world tour to celebrate his achievement starts.