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Now and then we see jokes on social media, and for the most part, they are harmless, but sadly, that’s not always the case.

A man on a Reddit forum denounced his wife for using their children in her TikTok videos, claiming that she was traumatizing them.

The woman’s husband took to Reddit to explain that his wife regularly makes TikTok and Instagram videos centered around cleaning, organizing, and sorting.

But, she’s recently ventured into pranking their children, who are aged six and one, in the name of content. A new challenge of the TikTok application has gone viral but this time not because it is funny or creative.

The controversial challenge of throwing water at a baby and then recording his reaction has generated all kinds of comments rejecting this “joke” towards the little ones.

“There was a time when I found my 6-year-old daughter crying and screaming because her mother had scared her during the night and recorded the reaction,” said the indignant husband on the forum.

“I’m thinking of getting a divorce,” he added.

The fact that parents use children in their videos can cause psychological trauma, especially if they are videos with stimulating or reactive content.

Nancy Stevens, a psychologist at the University of Florida, indicated in a study that during the pandemic she received children’s consultations about this type of behavior from parents and guardians.

“In human behavior, things are not so simple: we cannot say, except in very specific situations, that the characteristics that a person presents are the exact and immediate result of an experience they have had,” Stevens stated.

What is certain is that, for the most part, the challenge is carried out by parents who have become accustomed to having fun with their children within the social network.

However, as reported by the news website “Biobiochile”, especially by its director Lola Rovati, this is not fair at all, as an innocent child is used to gain popularity online.