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The issue of UFOs is still being talked about, not only in the US but also beyond its borders. Once again, the irruption of strange bright green unidentified flying objects was sighted, respectively, by both a Canadian Air Force military plane and airliner pilots, in eastern Canada.

The pilots, a seasoned military man, and a commercial airline flight pilot reported seeing a mysterious luminous green UFO that disappeared in the clouds over the Gulf of St. Lawrence off Canada’s Atlantic coast.

One of the aircraft that reported the sighting was a Canadian military plane, flying from a base in Ontario to Cologne, Germany. The passenger flight was a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane flying from Boston to Amsterdam.

“Pilots probably don’t report 90 percent of what they’re seeing, because they know it could have long-term career implications,” John Williams, a former pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force, told VICE World News.

Williams is a consultant in the aviation industry, television commentator, and civilian pilot who spent 36 years in the Canadian military, he confessed that also during his years he saw many strange things but avoided mentioning them.

Many assume that both commanders may have seen meteorites streaking across the sky, starting with the initial stage of the Perseid meteor shower that was shown in those days.

The Canadian aviation report highlighted the incident with an already common and general label: “meteorological balloon, meteorite, rocket, UFO”, for the moment it remains unknown what these pilots actually saw.

In June 2021, the Pentagon publicly released a long-awaited report on more than 140 documented UFO sightings by U.S. Navy pilots.

The report concluded that “most of the unidentified aerial phenomena reported probably do represent physical objects,” though there is no evidence that alien visitors are behind any of the incidents.