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Over the past few years, we have seen the setup of a new space race. This time the United States, China, and even private companies compete with each other to reach the never-before-explored limits of our solar system and beyond.

China’s plans to build a superstructure in space were recently unveiled.

This time it is not about some engineering work like those that usually build in that country. This time they are thinking of building a spaceship of several miles long.

The Chinese ministry of science and technology has launched an initiative that will study possible methods of construction in space of very large spaceships.

The Chinese government claims that the program aims to ensure the future use of resources in space, exploring the mysteries of the universe and traveling for many years.

As if it came out of Star Trek, China proposes a different approach from the one that had been used until now. Instead of creating stations or space colonies in the Moon, Mars, and other places of the solar system, gradually taking territory.


China Wants To Build A Mega Spaceship

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The spaceship would be designed to sustain the life of a large number of astronauts and the machinery needed to explore and exploit the solar system for years.

It would be a modular ship that would be built partly on Earth and then assembled in space after several launches.

A project of this magnitude still has many problems to solve. Among them are the immense cost and the technical aspects of the operation and assembly of the ship.

NASA and private companies such as Blue Origins or Space X are focused on the exploitation of near space through tourism on the one hand and on the colonization of more distant space through bases built gradually, for this reason, the Chinese project seems to be so ambitious and innovative.