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In South Korea, they created a toilet that generates cryptocurrencies through excrement.

At the University of Ulsan, a group of scientists created a very particular form of energy, if that were not enough they are paying to use a toilet. Students on the Ulsan campus use cryptocurrencies in exchange for books, fruit, and coffee.

The phenomenon of cryptocurrencies seems to have no limits and more and more people decide to jump into the pool and participate in this digital economy.


South Korean Professor Invents Toilet That Turns Poo Into Crypto

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A South Korean inventor has come to create a toilet capable of converting methane from human excrement into energy. In other words, all students who use the university bathroom are awarded a total of 10 units of Ggool per day.

The toilet uses a vacuum pump to send the poo back into an underground tank, where it is broken down into methane, which is then used to power the building.

The inventor of this revolutionary invention, Cho Jae-weon, is a professor on the Ulsan campus and has explained that the toilet connects to a laboratory that transforms excrement into biogas and manure.

” I had only ever thought that feces are dirty, but now it is a treasure of great value. I even talk about feces during mealtimes to think about buying any book I want,” student Heo Huin-jin told Reuters.

As they have investigated on the Ulsan campus, a person defecates around 500 g a day on average and this amount can be converted into 50 liters of methane gas. This gas can generate 0.5kWh of electricity or be used to drive a car for about 0.75 miles.

As if that weren’t enough, the project has had such a positive impact that a famous decoration company in the Asian country has decided to equip the entire university with toilets that use the professor’s technology.

They see it as a way to promote sustainable energy without leaving the center of their business.