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Have you ever used Google Maps to get from point A to point B? But, suddenly you find yourself in some kind of route that wasn’t the best option to take? What a pickle, huh? Well, as it turns out, you haven’t been the only one who has experienced it.

In fact, Google Maps is accused of recommending potentially fatal routes. Uh, oh. Google is in trouble. People have even issued lawsuits against the App, for recommending potentially dangerous routes.

And the complaints are being heard. Especially the ones made by mountaineering organizations in Scotland as they know the results could be indeed fatal. After all, we can all agree that the recommendations provided by the application are not always the most convenient for users.


The “Useful” App

via CNN

Google Maps is one of the most useful applications for users who need to be located in a certain geographic area and define the route they will take between one geographic point and another, making use of scrollable map images, as well as estimated times, recommended routes and even photographs. by satellite.

This application offers a route calculator for people who travel on foot, by car, bicycle, or public transport, which allows validating which option is the most convenient with respect to the time in which the journey will take place.

However, the recommendations provided by the application are not always the most convenient for users, especially when it comes to hikers or athletes seeking to reach the top of a mountain, for example.

Recently, it became known that Google Maps has been accused of recommending “potentially fatal” routes, which were reported by preservation and mountaineering organizations in Scotland, as reported by CNN.

These organizations warned that hikers are frequently trapped on routes far from safe areas due to the recommendations of the Google application. The complainants even indicated that some of these recommendations include cliffs that can endanger the lives of athletes.

In addition to offering location information, with map images and satellite photos of various parts of the world, users will now be able to find the traffic lights that would be installed on those routes. Hopefully, the App will soon be functioning better in order to keep everyone using it safely.