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New technologies come with new challenges. As cryptocurrencies slowly take over the world with ever-increasing popularity and value, new security concerns also emerge.

Hackers recently managed to steal close to $600 million in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets from a decentralized financial platform known as Poly Network.

Experts indicate that although there have been significant digital security breaches in recent years, this episode is probably classified as the largest theft in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.

After the robbery, the Poly Network platform issued a statement informing about the security breach. In the same statement, they spoke directly to the hackers asking them to return the money.

The company also asked its users to blacklist the addresses from which the hackers operated so that no one else could exchange those assets. Request that was complied with by other platforms that immediately jumped into action collaboratively and were willing to help with the solution.


Hackers Will Give Back The Money

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Faced with the blocking of assets and the impossibility of exchanging them, it seems that the attackers are now cooperating.

Hours after the blockade operations Poly Network had already received around $4.7 million. A trend that continued until reaching almost $261 million returned.

The hackers still remain anonymous because although they have returned part of the stolen money, they continue to use different techniques that circumvent the security measures that try to locate them and reveal their identities.

It was reported that the attackers left some notes in which they explained that they had carried out the theft for fun and with the intention of exposing the weaknesses of the platform.

“I take responsibility for exposing the vulnerability before infiltrators hide and exploit! I understood the risk of exposing myself even if I don’t do wrong. So I used a temporary email, IP or, also called, fingerprint, they couldn’t be traced. I’d rather stay in the dark and save the world “wrote the attacker.

These men got a big payday.