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It is common to see parents strolling with their children in the park, in the mall, or in pretty much anywhere a person can walk and push the stroller. The joy of being able to do it could be easily underestimated if we don’t think of people with disabilities who may not be able to do it.

That is why a group of high school students in Maryland decided to think of a solution to make it possible for any parent, regardless of her physical condition, to enjoy that wonderful moment.

Students at Bullis School, a private K-12 school in Potomac found out their teacher was pregnant. That filled them with great joy but then they were told that her husband had impaired mobility so he might never be able to walk his own child.

Jeremy King is a 37 man who was diagnosed three years ago with a brain tumor that had to be removed in an intense surgery that left Jeremy unable to balance himself and therefore confined to a wheelchair to be able to move around.


High School Students Build Stroller For Their Teacher With Disability

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“It was an immediate concern. I was very concerned with the safety of myself and our child especially with Chelsie having to potentially support both of us. It played on my mind constantly which is why it was important for us to find things to help,” Jeremy said about what he thought when he found out about his wife’s pregnancy.

This team quickly jumped into action and began to discuss possible solutions that could help their beloved teacher and her husband in this new phase of their lives.

They created a device that perfectly combines a wheelchair and a stroller so that Jeremy can move with his baby autonomously. They called it the WheeStroll.

Now a project that began with the intention of helping Jeremy could end up serving millions of people around the world to have a simpler life despite their disabilities.