The journey to save and keep the environment healthy is nowhere near the end. Millions of people do their best to contribute to saving our planet from all of the pollution and chemicals that harm Earth. There are many ways of trying to be more eco-friendly and a lot of groups have amazing ideas that can make an actual change, like Green Venture Recycles.

Edgar Edmund, a teenage boy from Tanzania, had the idea of recycling garbage into something useful, so what started as an idea became a reality after he started to turn trash into building materials, to help not only the environment but also the people from his hometown, Dar Es Salaam.

It all started in 2015 when the city suffered a series of floods that caused more than 700 houses made from adobe to be destroyed and hundreds of people were left without a home in a town that was going through a harsh economic situation.


Tanzanian Teenager Turns Plastic Trash Into Building Material

via Alquimia Cultural

After some research and a budget of 20 dollars, Edgar gathered a lot of plastic waste from the streets to fuse them as their first prototype as a proper material, but after this process generated many toxins, he then designed a filter to keep those harmful substances out of the education so it would be 100% sustainable.

He quickly improved his production and methodology to create bricks, wood, tiles all made from plastic that are more resistant, cheaper, sustainable, easy to clean, and more waterproof than the average cement and sand materials that are commonly used in the rest of the world.

Now, these incredible materials are used by many construction companies to build affordable homes for those who struggle. Also, the process of building is way easier and faster.

This idea helps their economic situation since they are having a safe, resistant, and quality place, for a more accessible price, and without a negative environmental impact. To this date, he has given a job to about 100 people, who together had recycled more than 60 tons of plastic waste.

Edgar Edmund, the 2017 winner of the Children’s Climate Prize, is a person who tries to improve the world and humanity. He is an example and an inspiration for millions of people now, who are amazed and thankful for his hard work and dedication to helping others and the planet, and hopefully he will take his awareness to other places in the world.