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During the last decades, technology has advanced impressively to the point where techniques and devices are being developed to solve problems that for thousands of years would seem impossible. Everything to make our life a little easier.

Blindness is definitely one of those things that you might think is impossible to come back from. Once you lose your sight, it would be a very rare thing to recover it unless it was a miracle, but these Russian scientists seem to have precisely worked out a miracle.

Russian specialists at the ‘Sensor-Tekh’ laboratory and the Foundation For the Support of the Deaf and Blind have developed a brain implant that could restore sight to those who – due to some illness or other situations – have lost it, and even to those who were born without it.


Russian Scientists Develop Brain Implant To Solve Blindness

via Russia Beyond

In June 2021, this organization presented the device at Moscow’s Skolkovo innovation center. The device took the name of “electronic vision” which was later abbreviated to ELVIS and is a device similar to virtual reality glasses or something out of a science fiction movie because it is worn like a headband.

Doctors will implant the device in the cerebral cortex using electrodes to connect it to the parts responsible for vision. Later, a headband would be installed with a camera on the front that would transmit the captured images directly to the brain and thus restoring the person’s vision.

Scientists have indicated that the prototype they created should be replaced with a new surgery every 10 years and that at the moment, only adults between the ages of 24 to 65 will be able to have this device implanted.

While this technology is still in testing, it appears to be promising. It is still being tested in rodents and monkeys and in 2023 it is expected for doctors to be able to perform the first surgeries on the first 10 human volunteers.