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If you find yourself in a situation where you need to escape from handcuffs, it is entirely possible to do so using ordinary objects.

Handcuffs have standard locking mechanisms that can be easily opened with a makeshift key or a wedge. Using a makeshift key is a complicated process but involves less risk than using a wedge, which can cause handcuffs to fit tighter.

Zippers have a locking mechanism like handcuffs, but they can also break if you put enough pressure and force on them.


Escaping From Handcuffs With A Makeshift Key

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Step 1: Find a bobby pin, paper clip, or piece of wire. To create a makeshift key, you’ll need a thin piece of metal that can be bent. Make sure the wire is strong enough to act as a key. If you use a bobby pin, make sure it’s strong enough to act as a key. If you use a bobby pin, be sure to remove the plastic tip if it has one.

Step 2: Straighten the metal. If you are working with a hairpin, use your thumb and forefinger to separate the two sides and straighten them. If using a paper clip, secure the middle between the fingers of one hand, and use the other hand to open it and make a straight piece of wire. Open or straighten any other type of wire you use.

Step 3: Hold the end of the metal strand between your two index fingers. Position one finger about a quarter inch below the tip. Use the other finger to bend the top of the metal at a 90-degree angle.

Step 4: Place the tip in the keyhole and bend the metal back. Using your fingers, feel around until you find the keyhole of the handcuff lock. Point the tip of the improvised key inward. Once you have inserted the tip into the lock, bend the key back to make another 90-degree angle. Remove the key to feel it. Remove the key to feel it. The end of the key should now have a “Z” shape.

Step 5: Insert the “key” into the hole. Find the hole again with your fingers. Move the bent part into the hole so that it points toward the locking lever. It should be at a 90-degree angle to the keyhole.

Step 6: Twist the key in different directions. At some point, the key should lift the locking device inside and open the shackles. Be patient during this process, as it will take some time.

Step 7: Open an additional lock for double lock handcuffs. Double lock handcuffs are normal handcuffs with an additional locking mechanism for added security. To escape from these, insert the improvised key into the lock, pointing away from the center of the handcuffs. Twist the key until you feel a slight click, then remove the key and reinsert it the other way to open the basic locking mechanism.