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Space exploration is no longer exclusive to scientific research. For some years now, there has been more and more talk about the possibility of enabling orbital flights for ordinary people and thus opening a new window to tourism.

Several companies have started the adventure of space tourism in what appears to be a new form of the space race. Everyone wants to be the first and there are some milestones that have already been reached.


You Can Visit Space In A Zeppelin… For $125,000

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The new company to join this space frenzy is Space Perspective, which has begun selling tickets, at $125,000 each, for their opening flight scheduled for late 2024 aboard its hydrogen-powered Neptune spacecraft.

The Neptune One test flight was launched from the Space Coast spaceport, near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The unmanned craft flew more than 100,000 feet above the Florida peninsula.

The company indicates that the trip would last about six hours to space and would be made in a capsule similar to the one used in the recent test which is pressurized and will be propelled by a space balloon. They ensure that this becomes the safest and most accessible trip to space.

Many people will soon be able to experience the Overview Effect that hundreds of astronauts have talked about so much for decades.

The ship is expected to carry at least 8 passengers at a time in addition to the crew and the speed will be relatively low so the ascent to the limits of our planet should be smooth and not traumatic as opposed to being in a rocket. After being suspended in the limits of our atmosphere – and offering its passengers the ultimate view – it will slowly descend to the surface.

Who would have known, after 100 years the Zeppelins are back and now, they will take us to space.