Our phones have almost become a part of our physical structure nowadays. For many, it is even considered as vital as one indispensable organ.

Our common structure has 4 limbs, trunk, head, and a cell phone. If you had a chance to know how much time you’ve spent over the last few years on your cell phone, would you like to know? Probably, you will be scared to know and think you’re wasting your life away, but maybe you’ve made the most of it as an investment.

If you never ask yourself questions like that and are looking for some entertainment on your device with something other than social networks, I present the 10 best game apps you could have on your phone, both free and paid.


Free Games


High Heels

via YouTube

High Heels is the typical game where you go down a path dodging objects to reach your goal and go through the next level. But the peculiarity of High Heels is that instead of collecting prizes or points, you accumulate stilts that make you reach higher so that the barriers do not kill you, but beware of losing your balance.


Impostor Z

via APKFab

If you enjoy killing your enemies with different weapons, then you can become a good impostor on Impostor Z. The game by One Soft Global manages to captivate you with the action and violence of its tender characters as you achieve your goals.


Dop2, Delete One Part

via YouTube

If you think you have guessing skills, you may like this research game, but your only tool to hit will be just an eraser. Watch what you erase. Personally, I believe that Dop2, Delete One Part is a masterpiece that could keep you hooked for hours.


Girl Genius

via YouTube

With over 5million downloads and a very positive score, this entertaining Lion Studios game. If you like games that test your mind by solving fun puzzle-style challenges, Girl Genius is for you. But if you tend to get frustrated easily, this will definitely drive you crazy.


Blob Runner 3D

via Respontrik

Blob Runner 3D by Zinga is quite a fun game. It’s based on collecting points and prizes while elusive obstacles avoiding a crash, but in this case, you’re a gelatinous being that gives you many more chances not to lose by the first hit


Paid Games



via Pocket Gamer

If you thought Monopoly could only be played at your grandparents’ house or uncles with your cousins, you were wrong. Marmalade Game Studio, took it straight to your hand with just one download. Well, that, and a one-time payment of $2.74


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

via Game Reactor

For just $6.99, you’ll have the chance to become the biggest gangster in town. With over 1 million downloads, Rockstar Studios brought back its most famous game of all time: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You can spend days playing this game without going through a single mission.


Teen Titans

via YouTube

As you can tell by its name, Teen Titans is based on Cartoon Network’s show. Here, you can have battles with your favorite character or the strongest one that gets the most chips and money for you. You can have it for just $3.9, which seems pretty reasonable.


Geometry Dash

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If you like speed games where you have to jump and fly while avoiding falling or hitting yourself, this game is for you. Geometry Dash can seem simple at first but it’s definitely going to keep you glued to your phone for hours. Also, it’s just $1.92 right now.



via iMore

Currently, this app has more than 10m downloads in the Google Play Store, which tells you just how popular it is. If you like to assemble figures with blocks, you may have talent in Minecraft. Mojang created this immense virtual world where you have the freedom to create the things you can think of, between a castle or something much simpler, and you can have it for just $7.49.