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South African Elon Musk has made headlines many times in recent times with controversial statements, risky investments, his race to the top with Jeff Bezos for the richest person in the world title, and of course, for the ambitious space projects in which his companies embark, especially Tesla and SpaceX.

Recently, Elon made a statement again that with just 6 words went viral and revolutionized social media: “Creating the city of Starbase, Texas” was what the billionaire, co-founder of PayPal wrote. This sparked speculation about the new project that SpaceX would focus on, some even mentioning that the idea would be to create a wholly new city in which the incredible space projects of this company can be developed.

He then added, “From thence to Mars, and hence the Stars.” Indicating that the studies and perhaps even the launches of the ships that the company wants to send into space and explore the red planet would be carried out there.

Someone even asked if it would be “dog friendly” making a clear reference to Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency in which Musk has been heavily investing in recent months and which has seen a dizzying rise in its value mainly due to tweets that Musk himself has made about it.

A few days later he reiterated his intention by writing “Starbase, Texas” in a tweet along with a photo of him, his wife, and his son. There is much speculation still surrounding the matter and it is not clear what Musk’s concrete plan is for the City of Starbase and some authorities in the state of Texas have already indicated that they will have to comply with all the legal requirements for a project of such magnitude.

Space X already has a base near the small town of Boca Chica, in Texas and there the company already has a private rocket launch site, so the intention is probably to expand this complex and turn it into a small city dedicated exclusively to space and technological research.

The new adventure of this eccentric man is yet to be seen and of course, until there is an official announcement, it will not be known exactly what his intentions are with these two companies that are still anchored in California. But if one thing is certain it is that with just a few words, Elon Musk can generate great expectation, curiosity, and enthusiasm in millions of people, almost instantly.