There’s no such thing as true privacy nowadays. Yes, I know it sounds creepy, but for some reason, as long as you’re out in the open, it seems like it’s all fair and anyone can literally take pictures or videos of you, especially if they own a drone.

We are aware of drones taking over the skies and being used from recreational exploration to the rescue of people. But, what is a drone?

A drone refers to an unpiloted aircraft – or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – On Earth, UAVs are often used for military purposes because it is safer that way. However, there are many uses for this aircraft as well, and today, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 most incredible things caught by drones. I’m sure that after this you will think that there are things better left hidden.


10. Swimming With Sharks?

via Sky News

I think we are all afraid of the animals – and other things – that may be inside the ocean. But sharks are a safe bet when it comes to the most fearful thing you can imagine facing while swimming, isn’t it? Well, some Miami beachgoers experienced – thankfully, never realized – what it is like to swim near a massive shark.


9. The Ghost City

via The Chernobyl Disaster

We know what happened in Pripyat, Ukraine in 1956 due to the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear plant, and the negative consequences for the residents – and for the whole world – don’t we? Well, the city remains the same as when it was inhabited: stores, hotels, schools were documented through drones. Thanks to this, we can see what a ghost city looks like.


8. The Sunbather

via Daily Mail

We always hear that the Sun is an incredible source of Vitamin D. It is also said that it’s advisable – always using sunscreen – to get some sun daily. Well, one Rhode Island resident took this recommendation very seriously and decided to sunbathe on a 200-foot wind turbine. As far as we could see through the drone, this person was not hurt, instead, seemed to be enjoying it.


7. The Clown

via The Travel

The fear of clowns is real. Many see them as a figure of fun, and many others see them as a terrifying figure. I don’t know which side you’re on, but surely seeing a clown running around in the middle of a forest is scary. This is what a drone in Huntsville, Alabama captured.


6. Crop Circles

via The Times

A UAV captured a crop circle in a field in Wiltshire (which is quite normal to find). However, this one, in particular, is interesting since it was taken in a field just one or two minutes away from Stonehenge – a prehistoric stone monument considered a regular landing site for extraterrestrial tourists – Could it be that aliens are trying to communicate with us through crop circles? Nahhh.


5. Mermaids

via YouTube

Many people believe that mermaids – half-human, half-fish creatures – exist and inhabit the world’s diverse oceans.
Images obtained by a drone in the summer of 2016 show a group of unidentified creatures moving through the water at a rapid pace, with their blurred halves at the top suspiciously reminiscent of the human body. So, what do you think?


4. Hungry Crocodile

via Milan_MG

We continue with the mysteries of the ocean. One image, taken by a drone in Baia, Papua New Guinea, shows an abnormally long and disgustingly wide crocodile as it floats through the water with a pig between its huge jaws. This is scary.


3. The Red River

via Daily Mail

In 2012, a drone was filming near the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas, when red water was dissolving over the river. Not knowing what to do, he alerted authorities. They discovered that a meat factory near the site was dumping pig remains into the river.


2. Auschwitz

via BBC

In 2015, a drone filmed Auschwitz, Poland. The footage shows from the train tracks through the gas chambers and barracks. You can certainly feel the pain of what happened, and while millions of people have visited this place, this footage can still give you the chills.


1. Black-Eyed Children

For those unfamiliar with the legend of the black-eyed children, the story goes that these children – with dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin – appear at the doors of their potential victims and request permission to enter the house. Images of a child with the characteristics mentioned in Cannock Chase were found during a time when area residents frequently reported encounters with mysterious children that coincided with the legend of the black-eyed child