via El Heraldo

Earth is a kind of oasis in a violent and inhospitable environment.

Our planet is traveling in space together with the sun and the rest of the objects that orbit it, so we are exposed to the never-ending dangers of the universe and the possibility of colliding with a space rock is an issue that has worried humanity for decades and that has pushed scientists to investigate the trajectory of visible objects to detect them in time.

Many space rocks enter and collide with Earth on a daily basis but none are large enough to cause real damage, yet the trajectory of potentially dangerous objects is identified from time to time.

NASA recently detected the asteroid 2021 NY1. The size of this asteroid is similar to that of the Golden Gate Bridge. This rock ranges from about 500 to 1000 inches in diameter.

During September this immense object will be circulating relatively close to our planet at around 930,487 miles, so scientists say there is no risk of collision.

Even so, for NASA it is interesting to be able to analyze the journey of this space rock, so they will be very attentive throughout this month to carry out the corresponding evaluations and to be able to determine its origin and composition.

In September other objects will be “close” to our planet and astronomers are ready to evaluate them all.

Among the asteroids that “visit” us, among the most relevant is 2021 QC1 which is a little smaller than 2021 NY, with a size similar to the Statue of Liberty. There will also be the 2010 RJ53 with an approximate size of 2 Empire State Buildings.

We just hope that modern technology will continue to protect us from the dangers of our universe and that these visits will remain far enough away so as not to disrupt life on our planet.