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Kangaroos are an animal known throughout the world but very emblematic of Australia because it is their only natural habitat on the entire planet. That is why the reaction of some people was of surprise and even fear when they saw a kangaroo walking through the streets of a small town in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania wildlife authorities said are trying to capture a small kangaroo on the loose that has been spotted multiple times in recent days.

Residents of the Mount Zion area of ​​Lebanon County captured photos and videos in recent days that show the animal just walking and jumping through the streets and residential areas. It is presumed to be a young kangaroo.

Derek Spitler who is the Game Warden of the area reports that he has been following the movements of the Australian marsupial through the region in order to capture it soon.

“We want to do it in the safest way possible, and we want to try to get that kangaroo to a facility where it can be well cared for,” Spitler told local media.


Video: Authorities Can’t Capture Kangaroo On The Loose

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said they presume the animal could have been a pet that somehow got away or even perhaps was abandoned by its owner. The commission also assured that it was public knowledge that it is legal to own kangaroos and kangaroos as long as the proper documentation is presented to the state.

However, they stated that they had no knowledge that a kangaroo lived in that county. None of their databases show it.

The search continues throughout the area to find the whereabouts of this kangaroo. The authorities have used as support the great stream of photo and video posts that have gone viral in recent days of neighbors surprised at the sight of a kangaroo in their neighborhoods, with this the authorities have managed to establish a map with the movements of the animal and hope to capture it in the next few days.