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Gender reveal parties have become popular in recent years, supported by the rise of social media. Meetings of family and friends where a dynamic or act is generated with the purpose to discover through a color – pink or blue- the gender of the unborn child.

Many gender reveal parties have gone viral due to the creativity with which they are set up, others due to their poor choice of act or scenario that make them look of bad taste, and others like the one that we will see in this story by unexpected characters who appear only to steal the show.

The mischief of a puppy ruined the baby’s gender reveal party that the owners of this dog were so eager to finally know.

The clip went viral on social media because of the big fail in which the dog ruined the celebration. The video has millions of views on TikTok, creating fun and laughter among thousands of users.


Video: Puppy Ruins Gender Reveal Party

The baby’s future parents wanted their video to be a trend, and they succeeded but thanks to their pet who stole the show by ruining such a special moment.

The baby’s father was eager to know the sex of their child, but they were forced to remain in the dark since the balloon that was supposed to be popped for the color to be revealed flew off.

In the video you can see that the puppy was invited to participate in the act, the goal was for the dog to explode the balloon with its fangs, but instead, the dog hit the ballon with his mouth and it flew away and with it also did the answer to the question of whether they would be waiting to a girl or a boy.

With only three days of being posted on TikTok, the video has more than 5.8 million views. Internet users were quick to react to the event.