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Dolphins show us once again how smart they are, a pod of dolphins rescued a swimmer off the coast of Ireland. Ruairí McSorely will never forget the bad time he had during the twelve hours that he was lost at sea.

He explained that he does not remember anything since he entered the water, however, the most incredible thing in the story was his rescue.

The swimmer, who had been missing for nearly 12 hours, was spotted by volunteers from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, who was surprised to see that the man was surrounded by a pod of dolphins, the BBC reported.

It took half a day for the device that was on the young swimmer’s clothing to find it on a nearby beach. Once it reached the radar, they jumped into the sea to search for it.

The rescuers were concerned that the weather conditions were not the best and the weather was against them. Even as he was found with clear signs of hypothermia, he was only wearing a bathing suit after spending hours in the icy waters.

As he explained to the authorities, his idea was to swim 6 miles to Mucklaghmore Rock, but his physical conditions did not allow him to, at one point he deviated and was adrift.

After leaving the hospital, he explained that “I lost power when I was more than 4 miles from the beach. There, some sea creatures surrounded me, I thought they were sharks, then I knew they were dolphins.”

Dolphins have a history of protecting humans in the ocean. According to Slate, “Dolphins are sometimes known to occasionally engage in reciprocal altruism, helping members of other cetacean species.”

In 2004, four New Zealand swimmers were rescued from a great white shark by an encircling pod of dolphins, allowing them to escape.