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Channel,a dog that was born with five legs due to a hereditary defect, was destined to be euthanized within a few weeks of life. Fortunately, the sacrifice of the American Bulldog did not occur thanks to the intervention of its current owners Abbie, 23, and Phillip, 27.

The puppy has become a sensation on TikTok due to a quirk, it was believed to be a second tail but is actually a fifth leg. Today it is at the NorCal Bully Breed Rescue Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California.

“The puppy came to us through a vet, so we don’t know who its parents or owners were,” said Abbie, the owner of the shelter.


Video: Five-Legged Puppy Becomes Viral

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Against all odds, Channel is learning to navigate life and overcome obstacles.

“The confirmation that it is indeed a leg and not a tail was made by our vet because what he has is called the tarsal bone and it is the ankle bone in a dog,” Abbey’s boyfriend told the media.

In a later clip, the keeper explained that it is unknown what the vets will do with the leg, but she will likely “keep this leg unless it prevents her life in some way.”

Channel is now an internet sensation with over 8 million views on its latest video. In another video, they explain that she has yet to see Chanel move her fifth leg.

They are consulting with animal surgeons on how to proceed with the situation. Meanwhile, the public on social networks adores him.

“An extra leg just means there is more of that adorable pup,” commented one viewer.

“I wasn’t prepared for how cute he is,” said another.

Now the puppy is six months old and has a loving family.