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At least seven people were struck by lightning on Orchard Beach in the Bronx, the FDNY said. Two teenagers, one 15 and one 13 years old, were seriously injured after the incident, sources said.

Last August, numerous lightning strikes struck the famous Orchard Beach in the Bronx. This phenomenon was generated by thunderstorms that formed due to extreme heat, high humidity, and severe weather.

One of the injured teenagers, Stacey Sandoval, was struck by lightning and her father, Eric Sandoval, confirmed the information by explaining that he saw his daughter fall into the sand unconscious so he believed she had suffered a heart attack from the lightning.

The famous New York beach was crowded this summer with the staging of great live shows with world-renowned artists.

But it was not the only thing that drew attention to this New York coast, the amount of lightning that fell in the area was classified as the largest electrical accumulation in the last 10 years.

Police and the Fire Department said the lightning strike was reported by a Parks and Recreation guard patrolling the beach area.

“I was walking along the beach as part of my monitoring routine and lightning struck,” said Alberto Ramirez, the beach keeper who notified the police. The lightning hit two boys and they fell to the ground, I thought they had a heart attack. Immediately I called the police and the fire department” added Ramirez.

One of the injured was a five-year-old boy. Stefon Harris, the boy’s father, said the boy suffered several burns from the lightning but the hospital informed him that his son will recover. He then got the chance to speak with his son.

An official from the New York City Parks Department stated that there was an alert advising visitors to clear the shoreline area.

“Before the incident, lifeguards had pulled all the swimmers out of the water, and Parks staff made announcements through the public address system instructing visitors to clear the beach.”

A swath of thunderstorms swept through the New York City area after hot, humid, and oppressive heat engulfed the metropolis.