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When we thought that we had seen it all in the world we get an amazing surprise. It seems that cows can fly. Well, they do not fly by themselves but it is still not a very common sight to look up at the sky and see a cow in the air.

In one region of the Swiss Alps, every year cows raised in the foothills are taken to graze in the highest valleys of the mountains, about 1,250 miles above sea level. The only problem is that some of these animals suffer injuries during the ascent, so there is only one option to go back down: the helicopter.

Recently a dozen cows from the Urner Boden alpine region in central Switzerland were assisted to descend by using ropes that made them hang from helicopters.


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Images of the cows hanging in mid-air during their flight back to the lowlands went viral on social media.

In the high valleys of the Alps, cows find fresh and good quality herbs, but to get there they must undertake a long walk up that includes crossing the pass called Klausen, which is not only high but very dangerous according to local media.

As some animals suffer injuries at some point during their excursion to the heights or are not in conditions, and it is impossible for them to get down from there by their own means, the farmers are not willing to abandon them so they resort to air assistance.

Although this incredible event has barely now become known globally on social networks, it has actually happened for many years and thousands of people congregate in the Urner Boden region to see “the flight” of hundreds of cows crossing the sky when the end of the European summer is near.