While some people blindly believe in soul mates and love at first sight, others prefer to be skeptical to protect themselves.

Although, people aren’t the only living creatures that need love and affection, and after reading about these 10 animals who have one partner for their lives maybe they will change their perspective about love.


10. Penguins

via Jule Magazine

Penguins are adorable semi-aquatic birds that are known for their loveable and familiar nature. Both females and male penguins share their responsibilities when they take care of their eggs and babies and go through tough tests to prove their love, like spending all winter apart. Also, if they see another male trying to court their lady, it is likely that they become really jealous and aggressive, due to their possessive personality.


9. Swans

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No wonder why they often make a heart shape when they put their necks and heads together as a sign of caring. Swans are not only a symbol of love but can actually fall in it. They start to look for their partner when they are about 2 years old but when they find one, they stay and live with them. When swans migrate, they can lose their partners, but when they get to their destination, they will immediately recognize each other.


8. Otters

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Is there something cuter than a couple of otters holding hands while they float and sleep on water? This is one of the species that do more activities with their partner, they hunt, eat, travel, swim, all together. Basically, they can’t live without each other and they love to take care of their family. Otters are one of the animals with the strongest bond, they can often be seen hugging each other, kissing, and cuddling with their children.


7. Wolves

via Euronews

It is known that wolves are loyal to their pack since they are their family, but also are eager when they find love. Wolves have a respectful and protective nature so they are likely to look for a partner inside their pack that will join them in their dangerous adventures, although it is more as a survival strategy than a romantic one. They have strong bonds and they are willing to die for their family, however, it isn’t strange to see a few lone wolves in the wild.

6. Seahorses

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Seahorses die for their partner. When one of them dies, the other will be starving beside the unalive body until they also die. They find their other half and do a hypnotizing 10-minute dance to seek their attention and when they finally get it, they will isolate themselves from the rest of the species. Sometimes you can even see seahorses holding their tails. Sadly they have an average life of 4 years, so their love stories are passionate and short.


5. Barn Owls

via National Audubon Society

Once a male barn owl gives a female a dead rat, that is it for them, they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Males will do everything to impress their lady, so they are very meticulous when they are seeking for the perfect mouse to get them during the court period. They have incredible skills when it comes to communicating with their partners when they are far away, thanks to their wonderful singing that can be heard from miles away.


4. Termites

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Though they can ruin your furniture, termites can do it while they are in love. They are one of the few monogamous insects and they have a special court ritual for when the female is in her fertility period. However, only the king and the queen of the colony are the ones who can actually reproduce, so they are like an insanely big family and these two are the parents. This makes them really different from their fellow ants, where the queen has multiple partners to make the colony bigger.


3. Gibbon Monkey

via Wikipedia

This fluffy kind of monkey can be often seen hugging its partner. Only 25% of primates are monogamous, but gibbons are the most loyal ones and are the closest to humankind. Females and males live together at the top of trees and share all the responsibilities of the family, like taking care of their children. They create affective bonds between each other that last until their last breath.


2. Vultures

via Wisconsin Farmer

Even though vultures don’t seem like the most romantic creatures, males do a courtship whenever they find a lady they like to get their attention. After they decide to be partners, the female lays her eggs which they both take turns to incubate and be responsible parents to their future children. Also, vultures don’t separate often, they tend to stick with their partner all year round for the rest of their lives.


1. Lobsters

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You may remember Phoebe for Friends talking about lobsters’ love life and as the matter of fact, this is a true thing that happens in the animal kingdom. These crustaceans can live with their partners for more than 20 years, they share their house and their responsibilities. Lobsters can create a balance in their lives with each other and have great communication skills. They are one of the most loyal animals in the world. And yes, they can hold their claws.

According to scientists, only 5% of animals in the world are monogamous and they are loyal to their partners, so all of these and more are practically unique. All of them can literally die for love as if they were from a Shakespearean tale, so they are the natural representation of true love.