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Animal shelters are places like heaven on earth where true miracles happen. Recently, a property maintenance man was working on a forest boundary site in Australia when he saw something strange moving awkwardly. As he got closer he realized that it was a sheep with an irregularly high amount of wool.

The man contacted Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary to alert them of the animal’s presence and its deteriorated condition.

The animal sanctuary located on a farm in Lancefield, north of Melbourne began an operation to locate the animal and rescue it, which they achieved within days.

After rescuing it, they realized the terrible state in which the sheep was. It had more than 75 pounds of wool weighing it down.


Video: Sheep Gets The Haircut Of A Lifetime

The sanctuary shared some images and videos of the sheep that received the name Baarack and it quickly went viral on social media.

The first thing the rescuers did was give Baarack a good shave. It had so much wool that it could not walk well, it even covered her face a bit so it diminished her vision as well.

When they got rid of all that weight and cleaned it, they realized that the sheep had the remains of an ear tag, which indicates that it once had an owner.

The terrible state of the sheep has sparked debates on social media with thousands of people intrigued as to why it reached that level of neglect.

“This is a result of domestication as the ancestor of modern sheep, the wild mouflon was a self-shedding animal whose coat/fur grew and shed in accordance with the seasons,” said refuge spokesman Kyle Behrend.

After the shearing, the shelter workers realized that their work with Baarack was just beginning because despite its weight the sheep was in a serious state of malnutrition and other health problems, however, they are hopeful that with a time of care Baarack can regain its health and be a happy sheep.