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You never know what can be found in the open sea. Many adventures and dangers and although you can have many unexpected things, not many people will be able to say that they found a deer swimming in the sea.

Mark Bowditch, a fisherman who usually leaves early in his boat for the day’s catch, was shocked to discover that a small deer was lost, swimming in the sea. The incident occurred off the coast of Dorset, United Kingdom, and photos of his discovery quickly went viral on social media.

“When I got a little closer and he turned around I saw that he had two ears. Initially, I thought it was a basking shark slowly swimming over the surface,” said the fisherman.

After the shock of seeing a deer in the sea, Mark made the decision to rescue it and helped it get on his boat. In the images you can see how the men rescue the animal that was adrift, trying to survive by swimming in the sea. It was completely exhausted.


Boat Skipper Saves Deer From Drowning

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In the boat was also the family of Mark, they were the ones who filmed the incredible event.

After the impressive rescue, the family decided to return to the coast and take the animal to a vet in Weymouth where it was confirmed that despite the effort made by the deer swimming for hours and the exhaustion that this generated, it was in good health and would survive.

Although this may seem very strange, it is known that deer can be skilled swimmers that usually cross rivers, lakes, and even stretches of the sea to reach other shores.

After the rescue, this lucky deer was released by the authorities in a nearby forest. Bowditch, who was present at the time of the release, stated that the deer was very scared and did not want to leave so Mark pet it for a bit and then tried to scare him off so it would run into the woods.