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The world is full of animals and other surprising creatures that can be very scary. When we think we have seen everything, suddenly a new creature appears that takes our breath away.

A video recently went viral where possibly carnivorous plants can be seen trapping large sheep. The video was originally posted in 2015 but for unknown reasons it has resurfaced on social media, generating fearful comments and impressions from thousands of users.

In the clip, you can see how a plant that is behind a metal fence seems to have spread its branches as if they were tentacles until it managed to catch a sheep that desperately makes every effort to free itself but cannot.


Video: Carnivorous Plant Nearly Devours A Sheep

The man who is recording the video narrates what happened and explains that this tactic is used by these types of plants to trap their prey and cause their death. Which usually comes from cold, hunger, or even the attack of another predator.

The plant would benefit for a long time from the decomposition of an animal with so much organic material that could later be absorbed by the soil and then by its roots. The meat could also be consumed by the plant through the thorns it has on its branches.

The thorns serve as a kind of hook to catch the prey as once within their reach they stick into the body of the victim and as it tries to fight, it becomes more entangled. Then with those same thorns, the nutrients of the prey are absorbed.

When approaching the defenseless sheep, the man decides to help her. With a knife, he begins to cut the resistant branches of the carnivorous plant until finally managing to free the frightened sheep that would have been trapped there for many hours and that luckily has just avoided certain death.