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Anyone who has ever traveled on a road in a wooded area or natural reserve will be familiar with the signs that warn about wildlife on the site and specifically about the possibility of any of these animals crossing the road.

Unfortunately, despite the notices and posters, not all accidents can be avoided.

Recently, Yvonne Studley, a 49-year-old Canadian woman was driving down the road coming home from a business trip when suddenly a moose jumped onto the road.

Yvonne didn’t have time to dodge it and even though she tried to steer the wheels it was too late. She hit the moose with the front of her car. The animal went through the windshield and landed on top of the woman, breaking her wrist, arm, and hand, fracturing five of her ribs and causing bleeding in her brain. The moose was later reported to be pregnant and died shortly thereafter.

An ambulance showed up at the site and managed to transport Yvonne to Vancouver General Hospital on time. She was reportedly in a coma for several days.


Woman Hits Moose On The Way To Visit Her Sister Who Also Hit A Moose

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When her sister came out of the coma, Everitt, 51, along with her husband, decided to go visit her and while on the road, she suddenly saw a gigantic shadow block the road, Everitt tried to stop the car by stepping on the brakes with both feet but it was not enough. Everitt had also hit a moose.

Luckily this crash was not that serious and Everitt was taken to the hospital in nearby 100 Mile House, B.C., with mostly soft-tissue injuries.

“My first thought was,‘ Are the moose going out on a hunting season for my family? ”’ Everitt said.

Everitt was discharged after a few days in the hospital and she was finally able to visit her sister who is also still recovering from her accident.