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Grocery stores are pretty much the same everywhere. These types of stores are full of food, cleaning supplies, and people, and if you have a little bit of luck and are in Sydney, Australia you can even find a shopping snake.

That was the surprise people at the Woolworths supermarket got after a huge non-venomous snake appeared out of the shelves in the spice aisle a few days ago. The animal surprised 25-year-old Helaina Alati, who, luckily, was a wildlife rescuer very familiar with snakes.

The 10-foot long diamond python popped out of nowhere and was directly looking at Alati, just 8 inches away from her face. She immediately noticed that it wasn’t dangerous and filmed the scene, then she notified the staff in the store to keep customers away from the animal so they could get it out of the store.


Video: Snake Surprises People In Store In Australia

The video Helaina filmed was published and went viral, no one could believe there was a snake that size in the middle of the store. The 12-second clip shows a big part of the serpent sticking out of the jars while it was totally steady.

Diamond pythons are kind of rare to see, though they live in the bushland area and parks of Sydney, they rather be in the dark and go undetected. Also, they are unlikely to be aggressive towards humans, but their habitat is a lot more threatened than it was a few years ago.

At first, the snake was hidden and curled up behind the spice jars, but once Alati approached and started to look for some condiments for her food, it felt comfortable enough to come out to see her just like it was asking to be taken out of there, as Helaina stated.

Once the staff was notified, they cordoned off the area to keep everyone in the store safe while Alati went back to her nearby home to get her snake bag and equipment to safely catch it. The python was as gentle as Alati, it immediately crawled into the bag, which she then took out of the store.

Woolworths’ slippery customer was returned to the woods where it belonged. Helaina Alati also recorded the moment when she released the snake into the wild, who quickly slithered into the ground and left.

The whole situation seemed like a movie scene. Luckily for everyone, Helaina and the python were both very calm and there wasn’t any problem about it being near people who couldn’t react as chill as this trained snake catcher.