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Dogs are definitely our most loyal companions. They are by our side in any adventure, fill us with joy and even defend us from potential dangers when necessary. And like a true friendship that loyalty has to go both ways.

Recently a man in South Carolina demonstrated the love he has for his dog by risking his own life trying to defend his 4-legged friend from harm.

Bruce Savage was out on a walk with his dog in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. They approached a pond so that the dog could run around a bit and play. The residents of that neighborhood are aware that there are alligators nearby but they usually remain far away from residential areas, however, this time it would be different.


South Carolina Man Wrestles Alligator To Save His Dog

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Bruce noticed a strange movement at the other end of the leash, the part around his dog’s neck. When he turned his dog was not there and the leash was in the water.

Without a second’s hesitation, Bruce understood perfectly that his pet was being attacked by an alligator and decided to jump into action at that very moment.

He leaped into the water and began to wrestle the huge animal that had already closed its large jaws with Bruce’s dog inside.

“The whole thing was probably less than 60 seconds. The whole event. I can’t hear anything; literally, my whole system shut down. My ears shut down; I couldn’t hear anything. Except for myself screaming my dog’s name. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Bruce said.

After a few seconds of intense fighting, the gator finally opened his mouth releasing the dog that Bruce swiftly pulled out and started running as fast as he could, without looking back, with his dog in his arms bound for his home. The dog had some minor injuries and Bruce only had a scrape on his leg.

Despite the dangerous initiator Bruce and his beloved pet lived to tell the story.