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Having pets can change a person’s life for the better and this is precisely what happened with Mara Cambell.

Mara suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a group of inherited disorders that generally affect the skin, joints, and also blood vessels, which in some cases can cause dilation and rupture of large blood vessels. She has dysautonomia as well, which compromises her involuntary body functions.

She has to be very careful if Mara’s heart rate gets too high she might feel weak and even faint and due to her mobility issues, she could potentially fall as a result, causing further injury that could put her life at risk.

Therefore she has to be constantly on the lookout in regards to controlling her heart rate. To that end, she was not expecting that a particular character would become her assistant.


Cat And Dog Form Unlikely Duo To Assist Woman With Strange Syndrome

Mara had rescued a small black and white cat that she named Shae. After a few days in her house, she noticed that the animal had some very strange behaviors.

“I realized she was doing heart rate alerts. She would just latch onto me and I would try to remove her from my legs and she wouldn’t move. Then I checked my heart rate and sure enough, my heart rate was spiking every time she did that,” Cambell said.

A few weeks later Cambell decided to adopt a dog and her training as a service dog was carried out by Shae.

“Every time she would do an alert, she would make sure he was paying attention. And if he wasn’t, she would slap him. So within less than two weeks, he was able to do a correct alert.” Campbell added.

This unlikely duo has become a great team that helps its owner maintain control over her bodily functions and lead a more normal life.