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More than 66 million years ago, the creatures that long ruled the Earth became extinct. The rise and subsequent decline of the dinosaurs is a subject of great importance to scientists who do not stop in their quest to discover the seemingly inexhaustible mysteries of these mythical creatures.

Scientists have now confirmed the discovery of two huge new species of dinosaurs in northwest China.

The fossils contain several pterosaurs (flying reptiles), preserved embryos and eggs, as well as fossil fragments of spinal vertebrae and rib cages, which scientists initially identified as belonging to three mysterious dinosaurs.


Scientists Discover Two New Dinosaurs In China

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The study was carried out on the findings discovered in the northwestern region of China, including Xinjiang and the Turpan-Hami basin, which in recent years has been an important center of paleontological investigation as many fossil dinosaur remains have been found in the area.

On this occasion the bones found could not be identified at first and after exhaustive lab studies and comparisons, the scientists came to the conclusion that they are two new, hitherto unknown species of dinosaurs.

The two creatures were really big, which makes it all the more surprising that they hadn’t been discovered before.

They called them Silutitan sinensis (“silu” means “silk road” in Mandarin) and Hamititan xinjiangensis, alluding to the region in which they were found. Both carry as well the Greek word “titan”, which means “giant”, in a clear reference to their size.

These two dinosaurs are close in size to the largest animal in the world today, the blue whale. Silutitan is estimated to have been about 65 feet tall and Hamititan about 55 feet.

In a press release, the scientists say that this finding is very important and that thanks to this, the diversity of the fauna is increasing as well as the information on Chinese sauropods.